The lubricant industry has a wide selection of major oil brands to choose from to stock your shop or plant. Each oil brand is unique in its quality, technical support, and marketing program. Depending on your values, some may stand out more than others. Thrive®, manufactured by U.S. Lubricants, is a common favorite among customers who prefer a lubrication solution tailored to their specific application. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why more people are adding Thrive to their lubrication program for your consideration.

  1. Thrive lubricants are formulated in controlled batches with select additives to provide appropriate lubrication for your specific industry applications.

Your equipment is one of your most expensive assets. Thrive is one of the highest quality and most comprehensive lubricant lines available that is tailored to your application needs. In using Thrive, your equipment should run at optimal performance, among several other application-specific benefits. If you have a question regarding your lubricant, U.S. Lubricants has an impressive support team that has several years of experience. We are more than just lubricants, we provide expertise to help move your business forward.

  1. Thrive consistently delivers a lower total cost of ownership resulting from the tailored product and service offering to meet your business goals.

Choosing a product that is tailored to your application is commonly more reasonable than a universal lubrication solution that applies to multiple applications. If Thrive doesn’t have a lubrication solution that meets your application, we have an in-house certified lab to create a compatible product. The in-house lab can also test for fuel and oil analysis, root-cause failure elimination, and water-based fluid analysis, among many other special projects.

  1. Thrive lubricants are API approved and tested in our 9001:2015 certified oil analysis lab, meeting the standards of other major brand oils.

U.S. Lubricants has a strong commitment to provide quality products. Thrive lubricants meet or exceed numerous standards including the engine oil specifications set by API, as well as Dexos, Mil-Spec EO, Mil-Spec GO (PRI), GE/EMD for rail, Detroit Diesel, and FM approved FR HO.

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