What You Need to Know

Finding the balance between following OEM oil change recommendations and your opinion on when to change oil may be difficult to navigate. Add in budget constraints and unforeseeable expenses and the decision process is even trickier. So, does anyone really know the correct answer for when a truck’s oil needs to be changed? U.S. Lubricants has two reliable solutions that have been used for over 65 years to help our customers feel confident about drain interval maintenance and education.

U.S. Lubricants Solutions

Participating in our OilChek® Oil Analysis Program is a great first solution. With several variables impacting the life of your truck, such as type of driving, weather conditions, and engine type, establishing when your truck requires an oil change can result in large savings. Our customers who have chosen to participate in our oil analysis program have seen incredible results. In fact, one of our customers almost doubled their mileage between drain intervals, saving time and money.

Another great solution is working with one of our heavy-duty specialists to tailor a product mix specific to your fleet. We listen to your needs and offer customized solutions that will allow you to extend drain intervals, lower costs, and increase the longevity of your fleet. Each major brand and oil type provide a different niche, and we are dedicated to finding the solution that best matches your business goals.

Things to consider when planning to extend the life of your drain interval:

  • If under warranty, consult the manufacturer before extending the interval
  • Consider both the risk and the reward of extending the drain interval
  • Assess whether maintenance services can withstand the time frame of the drain interval

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