Most manufacturers are searching for solutions to mitigate risk through technology. As a result of ongoing supply chain disruptions, leaders are investing a greater amount of time and money into planning for the future than ever before. Studies show some variation of smart manufacturing has been adopted by roughly 2 out of every 3 manufacturers. The need to evaluate your supply chain and related standard operating procedures has become a necessity across the industry. Proactive maintenance is a great way to extend the life of mechanical machinery to delay the need for replacement equipment. Oil analysis, contamination control and fluid conditioning services are solutions aimed at identifying failure root causes before they result in permanent damage.

Oil Analysis

Routine oil analysis establishes a baseline per application and flags sample results when the lubricant wavers outside of the appropriate range. Determining the frequency of how often to collect a sample is one of the most critical decisions as it could predict a failure preemptively. Routine sample frequencies should be between two weeks and three months, according to Noria Corporation. Developing a multi-faceted, data-driven approach to identify issues before they form permanent damage is crucial for your operation to avoid unnecessary costs and extend the useful life of the lubricant. Developing & maintaining an oil analysis program ensures insights into the health of your lubricants.

Contamination Control and Fluid Conditioning Services

Desiccant BreatherDesiccant breathers and filtration systems are great devices to remove contaminants. Desiccant breathers absorb water and filter particulate contaminants from the atmosphere before they enter your fluid system. On the market are several variations of desiccant breathers. Filtration systems are valuable when you know the lubricant or fluid is contaminated, or you would like to remove contaminants that may have entered your lubrication system. Instead of incurring the costs associated with draining and disposing of the oil, cleaning and flushing the system, and then refilling with new oil, a filtration system can be used to remove particles and moisture. Filtration systems may vary across industries and applications. Please consult your lubricant specialist to select the appropriate solution for your needs.


Proactive maintenance is a forward-thinking approach and reduces your total cost of ownership. Routine oil analysis, and contamination control and fluid conditioning services are both reliable solutions to extend the life of mechanical machinery. A lubricant expert can guide you through this process. U.S. Lubricants is a value-adding manufacturer and provider of lubrication solutions throughout North America. Solutions include on-site engineering consultations, monitors to manage plant lubrication needs, and comprehensive oil analysis services through our OilChek® Lab.



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