Top Marketing Trends for Automotive Dealerships

After a long day of work, you’re probably not thinking about how to market your dealership. But to grow your customer base and ultimately expand your business, it’s important to make sure you don’t lose sight of a few key trends other dealerships are using to their

advantage. If you’re looking to stay ahead in 2021, we are here to tell you that it only takes a couple extra steps to make an impact. To make things easier, we have partnered with a few industry experts to provide you with a manageable list of marketing activities that you can start today. For your convenience, we have prioritized the listing based on level of involvement.

Install an automated text messaging service.

Automated text messaging services are great for receiving service reviews, updating the customer when their vehicle is ready, sending reminders for appointments, and promoting specials.

Add a free quote plug-in to your website.

Potential clients are now researching your company and expect to know prices ahead of time. Studies show that 6 out of 10 consumers that receive an auto repair quote make an appointment. More impressive, 9 out of 10 shoppers that don’t receive a quote call another shop.

Implement a customer relationship management tool.

Build your customer relationship management (CRM) database from the first time your customer walks in the door. Two benefits of implementing a CRM is to be able to have a personal connection with the client, regardless of the service advisor working, while also using their information for target marketing opportunities. Clients prefer to shop at places where they feel welcome and their business is valued. Adding additional information such as birthday, age range, and interests can assist you in target marketing.

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