As the world makes the shift to reach a sustainable lifestyle, the lubricant industry can encourage automobile owners to make a conscious effort to evaluate driving and vehicle maintenance habits to reduce carbon footprints. Why should you care? As transportation is now one of the largest sources of carbon emissions in the United States, emission reduction generates broad societal benefits by directly tackling one aspect of climate change, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Try Eco-Driving

Optimal driving techniques can play a vital role in cutting emissions. Hard acceleration and braking can waste fuel and lower your miles per gallon. Remember to practice consciously accelerating and braking, reducing your time spent idling, and using cruise control often. Download the Google Maps app to avoid traffic delays and reduce your time spent idling.

Use your Vehicle Consciously

Cars normally have 4-5 seats, but all of them are very seldomly used during a drive. Encourage the use of car-sharing and public transportation as it benefits the environment and your wallet. If your job allows, opt to work from home. You could also bike or walk to work – a benefit for your health and reducing your carbon footprint.

Keep Up with Vehicle Maintenance

A regularly serviced vehicle ensures a healthier and extended life – maximizing performance. If you’re following your recommended maintenance schedules, you’re already doing your part and saving money in the long run. A few maintenance practices to help reduce emissions: Use better fuel, add a cleaning agent to your fuel tank, and change your oil when recommended. Lastly, remember to keep your tires properly inflated and your oil and air filters cleaned regularly. Check out U.S. Lubricants offerings as a leading lubricant supplier for your business:


We are committed to finding a better way to develop a sustainable future that benefits our customers, partners, team members, community, and world. The triple bottom line is a performance framework that we have incorporated to help us look beyond just the financials. We know sustainability needs to be integrated in everything we do to help make the world a better place. As a division of U.S. Venture, finding a better way to develop a sustainable future means considering all outcomes that support a positive impact on people and planetary resources along with profitability.

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