U.S. Lubricants analyzed their THRIVE® 300 Waylube and THRIVE® 1168 Waylube against a major industrial competitive brand. The outcome proved a superior product. Read more to view the full analysis.

SKC Demulsibility MethodAll fluids tested showed similar characteristics with demulsifying various types of metalworking fluids.

Waylube 1168 displayed the best demulsibility.
Toyoda-type MethodWaylube 1168 once again showed best demulsibility.
4-Ball Wear and Weld,
ASTM D2783,
ASTM D4172
Both THRIVE® products, 300 Waylube and 1168 Waylube, showed superior weld load index characteristics compared to that of the other brand's offering.
Stick-Slip Test Rig Waylube 300 delivered lowest static and kinetic coefficient of friction, as well as stick-slip phenomenon (see graph for details).


  • No fluids exhibited stick-slip in our testing
  • 300 Waylube exhibits the best frictional properties
  • Competitive product showed better than general Main Tier commercial reference fluid
  • Waylube 1168 exhibits the largest static and kinetic coefficient of friction results


oil splash“Since we’ve switched to the 1168 Waylube, we have seen night and day difference in waylube tank cleanliness, no strong sulfur smell, no staining of the waylube reservoir, as well as excellent tramp oil rejection without any loss of the lubrication factor. This is a must try product.”

-Kyle Dedering, Journeyman Machinist at Ariens Co. 


U.S. Lubricants 300 Waylube exhibits the best frictional properties over the competitive product. What does this really mean? Customers who aren’t as concerned with frictional performances shown in a lab setting have chosen and seen great success with Waylube 1168. For those that prioritize maximum frictional characteristics over the other properties, many have found success with 300 Waylube.

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