U.S. Lubricants Team Member Culture

Our team members consistently find a better way at work and within their communities. They value caring relationships and high performance for the greater good.


U.S. Lubricants Culture

Our Promise

U.S. Lubricants is committed to placing their people-first, being partner-driven, and offering an innovative product selection.

Our promise to put our people, customers, and partners first illustrates our commitment to culture and innovative thinking. We are able to think outside the box and create customized solutions to better fit our customer’s goals, creating a roadmap to fully leverage our assets for growth.


We listen to your needs, offer customized solutions, and share industry knowledge to accelerate your bottom line. We are committed to training your team, leveraging our in-house experts and always prioritizing the safety and security of your team and operations.

Our ability to support our customers’ business through technical support and sales audits allows us to really understand our customers’ needs and formulate customized solutions, ultimately reducing downtime and increasing runtime.


As a family-owned business, we promise the reliable service, agility, and partnership of a small distributor while providing the expertise and experience of a large distributor. Our team members provide a best-in-class customer experience.

At U.S. Lubricants, we pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience by putting our customers’ needs first and going above and beyond their expectations…working in unison with our sales and operations teams ensuring our products are delivered on schedule.

Innovative Product Offering

Our diverse product portfolio, featuring our own comprehensive THRIVE® brand and top major brands, can be customized to match your unique business needs. We have the technology to create tailored solutions to exceed the demands of your organization, staying within your budget.

Our product expertise and blending capabilities allow us to develop customized product solutions, based on the individual needs and demands of our customers. Our diverse product portfolio allows us to operate as a one-stop shop, which helps our customer’s optimize their purchasing and vendor management processes, as well as significant cost savings.

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