Winter weather is here! Make sure your vehicle remains in peak condition with these 8 winter car care tips.

8 Winter Car Care Tips

A Healthy Battery

Cold weather is hard on your car, and especially your battery. Assess the health of your battery by checking fluid levels, or in some cases, looking for the fully charged indicator. You can have batteries professionally tested at a service station, auto part store, or repair shop.

Wiper Blades

It is recommended that wiper blades be replaced as often as twice a year to maintain effectiveness. You can stretch the lifetime of a wiper by cleaning the rubber edge of the blade periodically with a paper towel and glass cleaner. However, there are instances where you may be better off getting new blades.

Clean Windows

An ice scraper on frosty windows is the safest way to remove the ice and snow from your view. Make sure your heater is working properly and keep your windshield clear of debris.

Maintenance Fluids

Motor oil thickens during the cold, making it harder for the engine to turn over. Ensure you are using quality oil in your car when it matters most. Four essential fluids for your car include antifreeze/coolant, washer fluid, engine oil, and fuel.

  • Antifreeze/Coolant: Flush and refill your antifreeze reservoir if it is brown or discolored.
  • Washer Fluid: You’ll want to use a washer fluid that contains a deicer level at a minimum of -20 degrees F.
  • Engine Oil: It is wise to choose an oil that is formulated for both your engine and the weather.
  • Fuel: Prevent your fuel line from freezing by keeping your fuel tank full.


Lastly, consider purchasing new tires. Worn tires have little traction and can lead to vehicles sliding on ice. Winter grade tires grip snow and ice for optimum traction in snowy weather. Regardless of which tires you have, always make sure they are in good shape and that they are properly inflated. Cool air will make your tires lose air.


Preparing for the cold weather includes many other steps such as checking brakes, replacing filters, emergency car kits, and keeping warm clothing in your car. Stay safe and prepared this winter!


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