Lubrication best practices have a direct impact on your maintenance budget and the health of your equipment. A recent study sponsored by Advanced Technology Services, Inc. shows that roughly 34% of unscheduled downtime is a result of lubricant maintenance; of this, 6% lack maintenance, 7% lack proper training, and 21% mechanical failure. Evaluating your lubricant maintenance routines and partnering with a lubricant expert that provides educational training and insights will increase your machine uptime and reduce total cost of ownership.

Increased Downtime

Applying the appropriate amount of lubricant at the proper frequency is critical to machine health. For instance, if you apply too much grease you are at risk of “high operating temperatures, collapsed seals, energy loss, and failures” reports Noria Corporation in The Dangers of Overgreasing, “setting up a maintenance program is key to solving the problem…” Additionally, 88% of organizations engage in preventative maintenance strategies and 51% of plants have machines that are run-to-failure.

Engaging in proactive maintenance best practices is a vital component of increasing your uptime and reducing your total cost of ownership. Preventative maintenance is defined by routinely scheduled maintenance to preemptively identify & address issues, repairs or necessary parts replacement. Switching to a proactive maintenance program will provide insights into the health of your lubricant and require the replacement of lubricants when needed.

Higher Total Cost of Ownership

Labor, components, lubricants, miscellaneous materials, and overtime labor need to be considered when evaluating your maintenance budget. When a crew experiences downtime, it typically results in a monetary investment. While lubricants are likely a minimal percentage of your total operations budget, they can directly influence a wider 35% of the budget (labor, sometimes overtime, and components) according to Plant Engineering. Applying the appropriate amount of lubricant at the proper frequency can save your budget thousands.

Maintenance Budget

Additionally, delaying or avoiding maintenance can result in the following costly scenarios:

  • Decline in the efficiency of the equipment
  • More frequent replacement costs
  • Increase in machine downtime

These indirect costs greatly impact your bottom line.


Proactive maintenance strategies often result in increased uptime and a reduction in your total cost of ownership. Consult your lubricant partner on application techniques and the frequency of application to avoid downtime in your operations. With strategies such as condition monitoring and oil analysis, you can be knowledgeable about the health of your lubricants and machinery. U.S. Lubricants is a trusted, value-adding manufacturer and provider of lubricant solutions throughout North America. To receive an on-site engineering consultation, complete our contact us form.

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