Assuring Machine Health®

U.S. Lubricants blends and markets THRIVE® brand industrial lubricants for nearly every application in small and large plants. Whether it’s manufacturing, food processing, paper mills, foundry operations, or machining centers, we have what you need. Our extensive product portfolio includes:

  • Hydraulic & maintenance oils
  • Gear oils, compressor oils
  • Extreme pressure anti-wear and NSF-H1 registered food grade hydraulic fluids
  • Factory Mutual approved fire resistant lubricants
  • Transformer and heat transfer oils, and even industrial parts cleaners and degreasers.

We also couple our THRIVE® Lubrication Solutions with a broad range of products and services relating to industrial lubrication. We have lubrication management solutions like:

  • In-line and mobile filtration systems and breathers
  • Condition monitoring tools
  • Oil analysis lab services
  • Fluids storage and handling systems
  • Automated lubrication systems, parts washers, fluid recycling systems, and more
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All industrial lubricants and fluids are expertly woven into customized solutions that will help assure the health of your manufacturing equipment, reduce unpredictable downtime, and extend the productive life of your machinery. It’s what we call Intelligent Lubrication Solutions® for Assuring Machine Health®.

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