Carriers and repair shops are continuously looking for ways to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO). Today, supply chain disruptions and material shortages play a significant role in procurement delays. As a result, you may be considering ways to extend the life of parts and components to delay a need for replacement.  Investment in quality lubricants to reduce wear on truck components, or oil analysis that provides insights on machine and lubricant health, could both be considered plausible alternatives. Each organization requires a tailored solution based on its unique business goals. Drain intervals and oil analysis are likely options to substantially reduce the TCO.

Drain Intervals

Determining the drain interval for a specific route and truck combination may be challenging. Two common options include following the OEM oil change recommendations on when to change the fleets’ oil or relying on your experience. A third, less common, but more precise way to determine the number of miles between oil changes is utilizing oil analysis services. This data-driven approach can establish when your truck requires an oil change, resulting in large savings. For more information on this option, read our article focused on Finding the Truth about Your Drain Interval.

Oil Analysis

Routine oil analysis establishes a baseline per application and flags sample results when the lubricant wavers outside of the appropriate range. Participating in a routine oil analysis program provides you with knowledge of when you need to change your lubricant. Developing a multi-faceted, data-driven approach to identify issues before they create permanent damage is crucial to avoid unnecessary costs and extend the useful life of the lubricant. Developing & maintaining an oil analysis program delivers insights into the health of your lubricants.


Lubricant best practices have a direct impact on your TCO and the health of your equipment. Speaking with your lubricant provider about your business goals is the first step in developing a tailored solution. With strategies such as extending drain intervals and routine oil analysis, you can be knowledgeable about the health of your lubricants and your fleet. U.S. Lubricants offers a wide range of commercial lubrication solutions that provide optimal performance to move the business forward.

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