In a world that provides an array of options for different engine oil brands, ensuring you choose the best quality products for your customers is necessary. But what is the best option? There are two critical factors to evaluate when looking at engine oils – viscosity and API rating. Numerous studies have shown that there is not much difference between major and private-label oil brands. Choosing the best engine oil goes beyond the brand name. You’ll want to make sure you select a brand that can be tailored to you and your customers’ needs, which is why THRIVE® lubricants may be a great option for your shop.

An Excellent Alternative to Major Brands

We blend and market THRIVE lubricants, one of the most comprehensive and highest quality privately held product lines. THRIVE is a common favorite among customers who prefer a lubrication solution tailored to their specific needs along with quality service.

“…with THRIVE, we had to verify that the oil was the quality like our old brand, so we had it sent out for testing. We verified with the lab, and it performs as well or actually better than some of the name-brand oils that everybody’s really familiar with, so I’d recommend THRIVE to anybody.”Conrad Knipp, Owner/Partner of Burnett Automotive

From full-synthetic to synthetic blend engine oils, there is a wide range of premium products that THRIVE offers to support all customer types that won’t break the bank. In addition, our impressive support team at U.S. Lubricants ensures that your needs are met day in and day out.

THRIVE® Meets and Exceeds the Standards for Engine Oils

Like other major oil brands, THRIVE is API certified and meets the engine oil specifications by dexos1 and GF-6, to name a few. Our technical team is continuously researching and keeping up with industry trends to ensure THRIVE products are of the highest quality. We partner with select additive and base oil suppliers to ensure high-quality raw materials.

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Additionally, our in-house 9001-2015 certified lab has an exceptional quality control process that tests for elements like viscosity, water content, elemental content, and fluid performance. To ensure high-quality products, we store the raw materials in a clean and dry environment to reduce contamination and have added filtration systems to remove containments that could have entered during fluid displacement. Our experienced lab technicians verify the acceptability of product samples before the final product is transferred to a final storage container and then delivered to your shop.

We perform quality testing to ensure compliance with OEM standards and governing organizations to provide a high-quality, consistent fluid to our customers.” – Joe Leistikow, Technical Manager at U.S. Lubricants

When considering engine oil options for your shop, remember that it goes beyond the brand name and instead look at viscosity and API rating. From meeting many industry standards to having an in-house lab that performs state-of-the-art oil testing and analysis, our house brand, THRIVE, offers many great solutions that will keep your customers’ vehicles running smoothly.

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