Lubricants for machining operations and metalworking applications

U.S. Lubricants blends and markets THRIVE® brand metalworking lubricants for nearly every machining operation and metalworking application. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Shearglide® cutting oils, that have been demonstrated time and again to significantly reduce tool wear
  • Aquaglide® coolants
  • Protec rust inhibitors and parts cleaners/degreasers
  • Drawing and stamping fluids, form release lubricants, and quench oils
  • Comprehensive range of other industrial lubricants, such as spindle oils and way lubes, extreme pressure anti-wear and Factory Mutual approved fire resistant lubricants, greases, compressor oils, and much more.
wearhousing lubricants and fluids


We’ve also assembled a broad range of products that can improve productivity in machining operations including parts washers, solvent distillation and magnetic filtration units, coalescers/tramp oil separators, coolant proportioners, automatic lubrication systems, and more. It’s all part of what we call Intelligent Lubrication Solutions®.

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