dexos1 Gen 3 is a global engine oil specification and serves as an industry benchmark for premium quality oils, introduced by GM. The upgrade will meet new performance standards for modern engines and addresses motor oils’ challenge to deliver new engine hardware, mainly smaller, higher power density engines equipped with new technologies. Engine oil technology has improved in accordance with strict industry standards for engine hardware to promote improved fuel economy and engine performance.

Meets the Needs of New Engine Hardware

dexos1 Gen 3 has significantly raised the requirement for aeration control, turbocharger protection, and engine cleanliness. It is also the new requirement for factory fill and service
fill for gasoline engines, replacing the previous dexos1 Gen 2 specification.

How dexos1 Gen 3 Outperforms dexos1 Gen 2dexos1 Gen 3

  • Fuel economy and fuel economy retention
  • Sludge control
  • Viscosity increase resistance
  • High-temperature deposit control
  • Volatility
  • Chain wear resistance
  • LSPI prevention
  • Turbo protection

Beginning September 1, 2022, U.S. Lubricants products meet the dexos1 Gen 3 specification. To learn more about our automotive products, click here.

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