U.S. Lubricants analyzed their Aquaglide® 660 and Aquaglide® 620B coolant products. Aquaglide 660 demonstrated a highly effective rust inhibition at lower than recommended concentrations. Both Aquaglide products performed exceptionally well during hard water emulsion stability testing and showed similar results for steel form tapping lubricity efficiency.

Aquaglide Product Overview

  • Aquaglide 660 provides soluble oil and semi-synthetic performance due to its premium formulation which includes premium synthetic lubricity modifiers and rust inhibition chemistries. As a result, this heavy-duty synthetic metalworking coolant promotes excellent tool life, while extending sump life and eliminating Monday morning odor.
  • Aquaglide 620B is a general-purpose synthetic cutting and grinding coolant that helps to consolidate coolant inventories. This formulation features an exceptional sump life and is suitable for use in milling, drilling, thread rolling, and grinding applications.

Test Results

Product Comparison

Customer Testimonial

“Aquaglide 660 is a great coolant! It lasts longer than the other products
we have tried, and leaves a better finish when we are machining.
Aquaglide 660 reduces my total cost of ownership.”
— JON BARDEL, Pro Arc, Inc.

Aquaglide Insights

  • Aquaglide 660 performed better than the competitor reference product, reinforcing historical customer data that have demonstrated similar success. We expect Aquaglide 660 to provide better lubricity to extend tool life and increase tapping efficiency, leading to a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Aquaglide 620B is a suitable value offering for general-purpose steel manufacturing.
  • Both Aquaglide 660 and Aquaglide 620B are suitable for steel manufacturing.

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