U.S. Lubricants analyzed their Aquaglide® 580 and Aquaglide® 563 against a major industrial competitive brand. The results showed Aquaglide 580 coolant displayed an impressive tapping performance, in addition to other attributes. Aquaglide 563 results indicated excellent emulsion stability and showed no stains on any grades of aluminum ran during the test.

Aquaglide Product Overview

  • The Aquaglide 580 and the leading brand competitor product are both premium high oil
    content semi-synthetics. These formulations are versatile and can be utilized in moderate-duty
    applications and heavy-duty applications without elevating the concentration to high levels.
  • The Aquaglide 563 is a low-oil content semi-synthetic that utilizes high-end esters to provide heavy-duty performance while delivering a clean running system.

Tapping Lubricity Microtap Test Results

Additional Test Results

Short Term Corrosion ControlAt low concentrations, all fluids can lack the chemistry to control corrosion; however, all fluids under proper concentration control plans will abate rust.
Aluminum Staining The Aquaglide® 563 performed exceptional, showing no stains on any of the grades of aluminum run during the test. Aquaglide 580 performed similarly. The Major Industrial Competitor showed discoloration on some grades of aluminum.
Emulsion StabilityThe Major Industrial Competitor showed sediment formation when elevated levels of hardness were added.

The Aquaglide® 580 consistently saw a layer of cuff and had excellent emulsion stability while the Aquaglide 563 had the most stable emulsion.

Product Comparison

Customer Testimonial

“Aquaglide 563 has given us great performance overall. The product
gives us great tool life and excellent part surface finish, which is very
important to our customers. The Aquaglide 563 is a very clean running
product so our machine windows stay clear of build-up.”

Aquaglide Insights

  • Tapping performance: the Aquaglide 580 is superior to both the Aquaglide 563 and Major Industrial Competitor.
  • We expect the Aquaglide 580 to provide superior tool life and have better emulsion stability, leading to a lower total cost of ownership when compared to the Major Industrial Competitor.
  • The Aquaglide 563 will perform similar to the Major Industrial Competitor for steel machining, with a slightly lower efficiency when machining aluminum. These properties make the Aquaglide 563 a suitable alternative in situations where low water quality is expected.

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