Social media has become one of the most pervasive communication platforms around the world and is essential to a business’s success. About 28% of businesses feel that the shortage of a strong strategy is the biggest reason they are not optimizing their social presence. To help with your efforts, we’ve included a few ways to get started with a social media strategy.


A Solidified Website

Websites that have a strong, mobile-responsive website optimized for SEO help your business to be more searchable online and give potential customers the “digital visibility” for your shop. Once you have a solid website for the modern internet, you are able to start building out your social platforms.

“For many people, social media is their daily source of news and information. They’re not going to the local paper anymore or to other news sites for information,” Stephen Dupont from Pockat Hercules says to NOLN. “They just open up their Facebook and receive their news.”

Adding social media plugins to your website footer makes it easier for users to view your content and share your posts. You can also get analytics from the number of clicks those buttons get through your website, which is helpful for future marketing efforts.


Quality Content

Focus your attention on creating content that is beneficial to your customers. Ask yourself, what questions are they asking on a daily basis, and, can I answer those questions in a social post?

Visuals such as images, videos, and infographics will help strengthen a post and your business’s brand. Including internal and external links, tagging others, and using #hashtags that align with the post is another great way to reach a larger audience.

Create a strategy depending on the audience you want to reach, and take specific steps to build a brand that helps in growing your business. We recommend posting at least once a week to keep your business active in the customer’s newsfeed.


Customer Targeting

There are 1.79 billion daily active users worldwide on Facebook, according to Hubspot, and it is used best for brand awareness and advertising. If you aren’t reaching the customer base you’re looking to reach, consider a marketing budget for paid posts. Social platforms provide you with tools and features to segment targeted audiences by demographics or geolocation.


Trustworthy Business

Your business’s social media profile should include the basics such as a profile picture, username, and bio that align with your business brand and goals. It is essential to include your business website so customers will have a click-to-action available. The goal is to build a visually credible business.


A carefully crafted social media strategy grows your brand awareness, generates leads, creates relationships with your customers, and introduces a competitive edge. For more assistance in your efforts, Hubspot lays out the process to create a social media marketing strategy in 5 steps.


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