Product Development of Lubricant

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U.S. Lubricants listens to your needs and offers customized lubrication solutions. We include you in each part of the lubricant development process for awareness of the detailed chemical and physical analysis. Upon request, our certified lubrication specialists and product engineers can test for specific use cases and additional analyses per application. We have three components to the lubricant development process. You can either choose to participate in one step or a combination.

  • Consulation
  • Identification
  • Formulation

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Lubricant Development Process

  • Complete a technical review of the equipment or machine
  • Discuss customer requirements and goals
  • Identify areas of improvement and provide solutions
  • Test newly developed formulation for specific use cases and additional analyses per application
  • Suggest improvements to existing formulations if not meeting customer requirements and goals
  • Finalize lubricant solution formula
  • Collaborate on the design of the label and provide artwork options that reflect your organization
  • Provide container size options  and work with the packaging vendor to provide samples
  • Order the additives and base oils to manufacture your product