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Industrial Lubricant Supplier

U.S. Lubricants is a division of U.S. Venture, Inc., a privately owned leader in the distribution of fuels (diesel, gasoline, biofuels, and compressed natural gas), passenger and commercial vehicle tires, parts, and other transportation products, as well as passenger car, commercial/heavy duty, industrial, and metalworking lubricants. Over 60 years “old”, with over $9 billion in sales, and with over 1,200 dedicated associates, we have the experience and resources to not only serve our customers, small and large, but to truly give them a competitive edge.

A Leading Supplier with Numerous Leading National and Global Brands

With our sister division U.S. AutoForce, we are a leading supplier to automotive dealerships, repair shops, lube shops, and tire centers, as well as customers in commercial transportation, across the upper Midwest. We also supply a wide range of products for mobile and stationary equipment in agricultural, construction, forestry, and mining as well as marine applications. Our portfolio includes numerous leading national and global brands, as well as carefully selected regional brands and private labels that allow us to provide the most competitive solution to our customers’ needs. We also blend and distribute a comprehensive range of the highest quality lubricants under our own THRIVE® brand, including passenger car motor oils and heavy duty lubricants, as well as industrial and metalworking lubricants.

With ISO-certified blending capabilities and bulk storage plants and distribution centers across the upper Midwest, and an entrepreneurial, customer-focused team, we provide unmatched service, 360° Customer Care®, and tailored solutions to our customers, large and small.

But most importantly, U.S. Lubricants provides Intelligent Lubrication Solutions®: a comprehensive range of products and support services relating to industrial lubrication. Our product and service line ranges from hydraulic and compressor fluids, to greases and way lubes, to cutting oils and coolants and other lubricants, to dedicated and mobile filtration systems and breathers, to condition monitoring tools and oil analysis lab services, to fluids storage and handling systems, to automated lubrication systems, to parts washers, fluid recycling systems, and more. All products and services are expertly woven into a customized solution that will optimally work in YOUR plant, deliver YOUR uptime goals, and meet YOUR budget requirements. In a nutshell, we help you assure the health of your manufacturing equipment, reduce unpredictable downtime, and extend the productive life of your machinery.

It’s all part of our commitment to Finding a Better Way™.

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