THRIVE® Engine Oil Warranty


THRIVE Premium Motor Oil

U.S. Lubricants has developed THRIVE Premium Motor Oil with a state-of-the-art formulation designed not only to meet or exceed all standard industry specifications but to provide unsurpassed engine protection and performance and ensure Complete Engine Health™ for your vehicle:

  • Advanced Wear Protection
    • Coats metal surfaces to minimize friction and help keep metal parts looking and performing like new
  • Advanced Cleaning Action
    • Cleans and traps sludge and dirt deposits assuring peak running condition
  • Advanced Heath Protection
    • Anti-oxidants prevent oil degradation (caused by extreme operating temperatures), protecting your engine longer
  • Advanced Viscosity Control
    • Fights viscosity breakdown assuring optimal lubricant circulation and engine performance
  • Advanced Emission Control
    • Helps minimize emissions for a cleaner environment

We are confident in the performance of our THRIVE motor oils. We will pay all reasonable costs to repair or replace covered engine parts that fail as a direct result of our lubricant’s failure during the first 10 years of your vehicle’s service, or 300,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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