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Visual Inspection Tools

U.S. Lubricants has assembled a range of tools that provide visual monitoring of lubricating fluid levels and condition.

Liquid Level Gauges provide easy viewing in many industrial applications. They are ideal for bearings, transformers, and many other non-pressure applications. Brass construction, Viton® seals, and glass viewing tubes ensure long life and a high maximum operating temperature (250oF). Guards are standard on all sights and may be rotated 360º for easy viewing. All gauges are vented and various mounting styles are available to fit almost any application: Short Elbow Connector, Female Elbow Connector, and Straight Connector.

Viewports can be used to monitor oil levels within a sump housing and provide visual inspection of lubricant condition. Viewports with Baffle are used in turbulent conditions while the 3D viewports’ extended lens design simplifies liquid viewing, especially on small sizes. To resist corrosion, these viewports are built with brass or zinc plated steel bodies and Viton® seals. Maximum operating temperature is 300oF, and maximum pressure is 50 PSI. Both the glass and thermoplastic 3D lenses can be removed in the field for cleaning, rather than purchasing and installing a new viewport. Various thread sizes are available.

Sump Bottles (also known as BS&W – Bottom Sediment & Water Bowls) are used as collection chambers on bearing housings and other oil sump applications. They collect water and contaminants, and have a drain plug for easy inspection and removal of fluids.

  • Easy open/close drain valve
  • Plastic reservoirs have reinforcing ribs for long life and impact resistance
  • Copper brazing of all steel connections provides long life and leak proof design
  • Zinc plating resists corrosion
Model No. Description Connection (NPT) Capacity Dim A (in) Dim B (in)
31321 Sump Bottle 1/8 2 oz 1-15/16 2-1/16
31341 Sump Bottle 1/8 4 oz 2-5/16 2-7/8
31342 Sump Bottle 1/4 4 oz 2-5/16 2-7/8
31382 Sump Bottle 1/4 8 oz 2-5/8 4


Maximum Operating Temperature 165ºF Continuous
Reservoir Butyrate Plastic
Gasket Buna-N
Materials Steel and Brass
Finish Bright Zinc Plated
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