Here are 3 Simple Steps to Implement Today

The term “Carrier of Choice” has become more prevalent over the past year. Fluctuations in the market and tight turnaround times mean shippers need a reliable partner to support their freight. Shippers continue to look for carriers that will match their business needs as well as culture, and U.S. Lubricants is here to help you stand out and grow your carrier business.

To become known as a “Carrier of Choice,” we recommend the following:

  • Demonstrate reliable, high-quality service
  • Prompt pick-ups and deliveries
  • High levels of accuracy (picking up the right items, quantities)
  • Provide exceptional customer service (team member friendliness is key)
  • Prove your dedication to safety
  • Provide feedback to your shipper
  • Use scorecards and KPIs (transparency is vital to success)
  • Ask the important questions, what do you need to work on to be more shipper-friendly?
  • Understand their needs, goals, and have a plan in place to exceed them.
  • Build long-lasting relationships
  • Show your carrier what makes you stand out as a shipper. How do you go above and beyond? Are your solutions relatable?
  • Set expectations as soon as possible and communicate thoroughly throughout your partnership.

Overall, putting these simple steps into action will allow you to build relationships and provide best-in class service to your customers. And remember: these steps take time but will ultimately set the stage for a solid future as a carrier of choice.

So, which step will you implement first?


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