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Drum Pump Filtration / Dispensing

Trico Drum Pump Filtration / Dispensing System

Actively filtering lubricants from storage drums can prevent contamination related problems. Trico’s Drum Pump Filtration System can prevent contamination or remove it when used in daily operations, including filtering oil directly from the storage drum to fill totes and transfer containers.

The system provides a dispensing nozzle for continuous flow and metering of lubricants, and a protective rubber nozzle cap to prevent contaminates from entering the nozzle when not in use. It is capable of delivering a flow up to 6.8 gpm and is rated for use with lubricants up to a viscosity of 7,000 SUS, depending on motor selection. Interchangeable electric and pneumatic motors are available.



Motor Types / Specifications

Specifications Electric Motor (P/N-30018)
Motor 1.10 HP @ 10,000 RPM
Maximum Viscosity 7,000 SUS
Flow Rate 6.8 GPM
Electric Motor Rating 110V 50-60 Hz, 8.5 A
Specifications Electric Motor (P/N-30021)
Motor 1.10 HP @ 10,000 RPM
Maximum Viscosity 7,000 SUS7,000 SUS
Flow Rate 6.8 GPM
Electric Motor Rating 220V/50Hz
Specifications Pneumatic Motor (P/N-30019)
Motor 3/4 HP @ 8,000 RPM
Maximum Viscosity 3500 SUS
Flow Rate 4.5 GPM
Inlet Pressure 100 PSI max @ 28 CFM
Stall Pressure 50 PSI
Air Inlet Connection 1/4″ NPT Female

The Drum Pump Filtration System comes standard with a 10 micron absolute Beta>200 spin-on filter element and a sealing bung adapter. Other filter elements are also optionally available to meet recommended manufacturer cleanliness levels. Differential pressure gauges help specify the filter element condition and the need for replacement.

The unique universal design of the Drum Pump Filtration System integrates a quick change hand wheel design, allowing the motor to be transferred from one system to another without having to buy additional motors or removing the entire system. This approach avoids cross contamination between lubricant types, reduces further particle contamination and eliminates messy lubricant spills. Obviously, depending on the applications and size of operation, multiple or different types of motors may be needed.

Drum Pump Filtration System Specifications

Specifications Tube Assembly
Type Seal-less / Centrifugal
Material Stainless Steel 316
Tube Length 39″
Maximum Temperature 190ºF/90ºC
Discharge Nozzle 3/4″
Discharge Line 1″ Non-Collapsible PVC
Hose Line Length 6′
Filter Media 10 Micron Absolute Beta>200
Replace Filter Media at 20 PSI Differential
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