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Comprehensive Condition Monitoring Services and Tools

Proper, comprehensive oil sampling and analysis helps maintenance managers and commercial equipment operators determine the cleanliness of system fluids and the condition of components such as pumps, bearing motors, valves, and cylinders, in a hydraulic system. This removes the burden of having to physically disassemble the system to inspect components. Oil sampling and analysis can help reduce maintenance and operating costs as well as increase equipment reliability and extend equipment life. Similarly, diesel fuel analysis is an integral part of preventative maintenance programs for commercial fleets and off-road equipment used in agricultural, construction, mining, and marine applications.

OilChek® Oil Analysis Lab Services

ISO certified, employing state-of-the-art technology, and staffed by a technical and science team whose members average more than 20 years of experience in oil analysis, our OilChek® oil analysis laboratory helps us deliver on our promise of Assuring Machine Health®. The laboratory’s highly automated process provides a thorough examination of your lubricants, engine oils, or coolants, generating a comprehensive report on your lubrication system. OilChek® oil analysis protocols are designed to detect abnormalities in a lubrication system and provide the earliest possible warning of impending trouble. By trending wear metals and contaminants, we can make maintenance recommendations that will help you prevent unpredictable and costly equipment downtime, and maximize your equipment’s productive life.

Oil Sampling Tools

A comprehensive and well managed oil sampling process will provide the correct samples of lubricants to analyze while taking a bad sample can have disastrous consequences. Using the wrong tools, taking oil samples from the wrong parts of the lubrication system or from fewer sampling points than necessary, taking the samples improperly, or handling the samples incorrectly, will yield a sample that does not truthfully reflect the condition of the system. This will cause the oil analysis to return incomplete or incorrect results. Relying on the oil analysis results could provide either a false sense of security, or cause you to intervene where no problem actually exists. Either can cause unnecessary waste (changing oil unnecessarily) or costly machine downtime.

Not sampling or improper sampling can cause:

  • Changing oil too late or early
  • Failure to recognize a machine malfunction in progress
  • Unscheduled downtime

U.S. Lubricants has assembled a range of high quality oil sampling tools to help you achieve the most accurate results and help you improve equipment reliability and reduce downtime. Regularly scheduled oil sampling can help identify contaminants, detect abnormal contamination levels, help you gauge equipment requirements, and determine the general quality of the lubricants used in your lubrication system. These tools are designed to extract from the best diagnostic locations both system and component-specific samples that are representative and repeatable.

U.S. Lubricants’ Machine Health Services can conduct a detailed plant audit, determine machine and system criticality, and help you develop and implement a comprehensive oil sampling plan and process. Our Contract Lubrication Services team could manage, staff, and perform the lubrication process in your plant.

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