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Blending Capabilities

At U.S. Lubricants we use the highest quality base oils and advanced additive packages to produce hundreds of distinct formulations of lubricants. Our products can be used for passenger cars, heavy duty applications in commercial trucking, agriculture, construction, mining, as well as in the military. In addition, we offer products for industrial applications ranging from compressor and transformer lubrication, to hydraulics and gears, to paper machines and steam cylinders. We also offer products to be used in metalworking applications, including cutting oils and coolants to be used in all types of machining, as well as lubricants used in casting and forming various metals.

Using the latest in blending technology and modern ISO-certified facility, lubricants are computer-blended to precise specifications and with exceptional consistency. Whether a blend is made to standard, custom, or military specifications, our statistical process controls assure every batch meets rigid blend specifications.

  • Blending kettles producing from 2,000 gallons to 7,500 gallons per batch
  • Over 700,000 gallons in bulk storage capacity
  • 80 storage tanks with designated lines to eliminate cross contamination

Custom Blending

Using our fully equipped laboratory, our research chemists and lubrication engineers can formulate a product to uniquely address your needs and optimize your equipment productivity and efficiency. Many OEMs in the upper Midwest and across the world, initial-fill their equipment with custom designed and specially blended U.S. Lubricants products. Call us to discuss what we may be able to do for you.

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